Strata Insurance

Strata Insurance

There is no fee for us to compare your strata insurance & not comparing may be costly.

What is strata insurance

Newcastle Insurance Group is fast gaining a reputation for its professional and personal service. With Newcastle Insurance Group we can advise you on the appropriate Commercial Strata Insurance policy for your needs. .

At Newcastle Insurance Group, we aim to assist with finding the right Commercial Strata Insurance for you or your body corporate. We have access to a number of Commercial Strata Insurance products.

Whether your building has high hazard tenant occupation, inferior construction or is in a remote location, the team at Newcastle Insurance Group can arrange cover for almost any commercial property or commercial strata insurance situation.

Type of Buildings we can help with;

  • Commercial Strata Buildings/Complexes
  • Industrial Strata Complexes
  • Mixed Commercial and Residential Strata Buildings

What does strata insurance typically cover

Strata insurance generally covers the building and common property and contents as defined on the title for the property. This might include common areas, garden equipment, wiring, lifts, swimming pools, car parks, walls, windows, gardens, ceilings and floors. These policies often have to cover common property that the average home policy does not. Other common property that you might find is covered under strata insurance may include some of the fixed parts of your unit, such as ducted air conditioning, but it will not cover everything.

What does strata insurance typically NOT cover

Strata insurance covers only common or shared property and may list certain exclusions, such as coverage against landslip or flood damage, or for the property’s fencing. It is important to remember this type of insurance doesn’t cover the contents and personal items of unit holders or residents. Please ensure you make sure your clients have appropriate contents cover for their belongings, and for those other personal assets that a strata insurance typically does not cover.

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