Its all over the news, a number of direct insurers have declined claims as people were operating businesses from their homes.

Given the fact that the number of people who are operating some kind of business from home has significantly incresed we thought it may be helpful if we outline some of the thinking underwriters and insurers have around this subject.

Caveat: always ask your specific underwriter or insurer or broker what their terms & conditions are on the subject before making any decision.


You would be obliged in one way or another to tell your insurer if you start or intend to start to operate a business.


In the current business environment, the distinction between home and business have become more blurred.  Unless it is your (i.e. the insured’s) business and it is primarily run from the home, most insurers do not treat this as “conducting business from home”.

For example, if you work from home a few days a week, or do incidental paperwork at home for a business that performs the majority of its activities elsewhere, then msot insurers do not consider this to be a business run from the home.

If, however, you are running a business from your home premises, then you need to disclose this, regardless of the size or nature of the business.

Hope this helps.