5 staff

$8M turnover

Payment: $450,000 fine plus, $100,000 in defence costs


An employee electrician contracted by the insured electrical contracting company was inspecting wiring on a building site. During the inspection, the contractor suffered severe electric shock whilst inspecting the wiring. It was later discovered that certain precautions were not followed on site. The employee was left with severe burns to his right arm and face. The insured company was subject to a formal Occupational Health and Safety investigation and prosecution.


It was determined that the Insuring clause of the Policy was triggered and indemnity was extended to the Insured. The company vigorously denied and successfully defended the most severe allegations allegations. Despite their attempt at defending the claim, the company was fined for the negligent actions of their employees.

Payment: $450,000 fine plus, $100,000 in defence costs