9 staff

$11M turnover

Payment: $120,000 fine plus, $130,000 in defence costs


A team of 3 plumbers were contracted to attend an industrial building site in Western Australia to undertake certain tasks in the overall building project. The team consisted of new recruits who were new to the job. Unfortunately, on the first day of the project, two of the novice electricians were seriously injured. One contractor suffered a deep laceration on his hand whilst the other contractor lost partial hearing in his left ear due to failing to wear the safety equipment correctly. A formal Occupational Health and Safety investigation began which eventually led to the company being prosecuted.


It was determined that the Insuring clause of the Policy was triggered and indemnity was extended to the Insured. Following a two day hearing, the company was found liable and was fined.

Payment: $120,000 fine plus, $130,000 in defence costs

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